The robot vacuum cleaner you can hack and schedule

The robot vacuum cleaner you can hack and schedule

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Roomba, for those who do not know, is a robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot that has existed since 2002 and is updated regularly with new models; One of the most interesting models that had seen so far was a variant of the 400 series known as Create, a vacuum cleaner designed for each program it to your liking . Now iRobots has presented a very promising second edition of Create .

Programming and 3D printing

Create 2 is a variant of Roomba 600 Series designed for lovers of programming, imaginative people and also for those who are neither one nor the other but have much free time. Mainly we can schedule in this particular Roomba’s behavior (where it is going, why, when clean …), sounds, movements and complementary electronics . It also wants to help those who are entering into this programming with a pair of “basic to start projects and If that is not enough for you too offers on 3D printable files and change components of the vacuum. From there it’s up to you to see that you are able to do with your creativity and cleaner.

If you see yourself able to do something interesting, you would see where creativity can go hand in hand with a vacuum cleaner or simply have too much free time and do not know how to do with it you can buy Create 2 per $ 200 ( 161 euros as I write these lines ) here .


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