The SmartBand to record your program if you fall asleep

The SmartBand to record your program if you fall asleep

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The steps of technology always seem to aim at facilitating user experiences in your normal life, simplify everyday tasks and often bringing something new.

With these features meets Wristband, a smart bracelet developed by two teenagers in conjunction with the provider of broadband TV and Virgin Media.This SmartBand can detect that the user has fallen asleep and automatically record the rest of the TV show that at that time the user was viewing before succumbing to sleep.

This smart bracelet explores the different facets of leisure user. So far lost devices or applications that detect bodily functions have been in the line of sports , is the case of measuring heart rate and Runtastic.

Virgin Smartband

The Wristband uses a pulse oximeter and a clinical device for diagnosing sleep disorders. The application that features intelligent bracelet is called KipstR and mimics the popular Tivo system that also allows you to pause and record the program you are viewing.

Although so far is only a prototype, it is to be marketed soon as account mashable . The SmartBand also has a indicator idle mode and powered by a rechargeable Li-Pro.

Virgin Media, the provider of television and broadband has collaborated on this project, predicts that the application that has the SmartBand , KipstR, could be used in the future to detect the viewer’s emotional reaction to a given program film or series.

They are even exploring how KipstR could control other home devices , such as central heating.


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