The tire capable of being transformed for every situation

The tire capable of being transformed for every situation

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Depending on where you may live is possible that during these days may have to use chains on your car, or even that you have to put winter tires all season; something that is a major cost and hassle of changing them. But it is inevitable if we drive safely by snowy roads, right?

Changing tires

The Korean manufacturer Hankook believes that you should not need to be constantly changing tire depending on the need, and already have a concept of how it would be. It is a tire that becomes capable of adapting to the ground to offer the highest possible grip no matter the situation.

Yes, perhaps a little strange that Hankook has decided to show its potential in what looks like a death race:

First the Boostrac, capable of expanding to increase grip in difficult terrain, then Alpike, which allows driving on asphalt and snow and finally the more striking, the HyBlade, which allows driving even at high water levels . As the video shows, could also serve to motor sport, to decide who is the best driver on all surfaces, a kind of futuristic rally cross.


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