This dog running again thanks to 3D printing

This dog running again thanks to 3D printing

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3D printing has enormous potential, while allowing manufacture from living tissue to blood vessels , through numerous objects and items of daily use to dentures that help those in need.

We have seen numerous cases, including that of one baby who saved his life through a tracheal splint 3D printed and today we have another example that certainly gets us out a grin.

We speak of Derby, a lovely pet dog who had the misfortune to be born with a deformity in its front legs, as shown in the video, prevented him from leading a normal life minimally.

With the might receive a custom made ​​prosthesis that allowed him to get rid of the uncomfortable wheels that helped him during his first stage and that certainly proved troublesome for Derby in most cases.

The result is fantastic as Derby is totally happy and can live almost like a normal dog, making it clear once again that technology, coupled with brilliant minds obviously makes our life easier without going to distinguish races.


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