Tired of selfies? So let try the 3D selfies

Tired of selfies? So let try the 3D selfies

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Despite whoever gets upset, the selfies still fashionable and on everyone’s lips. Proof of this is the choice of “selfie” as the word of the year, based on that famous practice that has become popular with front cameras already incorporate tablets and smartphones.

With millions of users making every moment and with ever more accessories available in the market for this purpose, we remained to know what the logical evolution of this practice would be. And here it is.

They are about the ” selfies 3D “generated thanks to 3D handheld scanner Fuel3D.This device, called Scanify can capture a 3D image of a face in less than a second, so it is possibly the first 3D scanner to selfies world

Scanify accomplishes this by using a pair of pre-calibrated cameras not only improve the rate of fire, but also eliminate blur which may occur when a subject moves.

3D selfies

Users can not only capture their gestures, grimaces and expressions they also can be capture more content by adjusting 3D images of other surfaces and then tie it all together by software Scanify.

The 3D selfies captured by Scanify can be uploaded to various platforms dedicated to share 3D images, as SketchFab, then print them on a 3D printer.

Despite the curious invention enjoy Scanify is not available for all budgets because the starting price of the scanner 3D selfies costs a whopping $ 1,490. However, it should be noted that the only use of Scanify is not catching selfies in three dimensions, as it is a powerful 3D scanning tool that can capture color details to 0.355 mm and scan virtually any object .


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