Try to open your apps with multitasking Loopr

Try to open your apps with multitasking Loopr

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Undoubtedly Loopr is an application that uses well the multitasking Android because its function has become one of the most used in recent months, this is because it is very effective, with good design and allows us to things quickly.

Its function adds a menu type, but in this we can access different applications that have open or we want to open. To access this menu only have to position a finger on the screen and when you do mark around your finger different application icons, so you can open the one you want just by swiping your finger to that App .Loopr is configurable in several ways, for example you can enable or disable the vibration when you put a finger on the screen or when you select an application, you can also change the part where the icons appear, which by default is the center of the screen but you can put on the sides top or bottom. Or you can activate the application information to display his name and more things.

The application has two versions, one free to add all the above and the other version is payment for $ 2.99, which adds features such as viewing time to position yourself on an application icon when opening effects and the icon change, among others.Loopr for android free, download it here from my point of view as the free version provides the necessary solution for good multitasking experience.

Google Play Store : Loopr


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