USB Raptor : Blocks your PC with a USB memory

USB Raptor : Blocks your PC with a USB memory

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USB Raptor is an application that will help us to lock the computer, turn, unlock it using a USB memory. It will not work with passwords, since the system will force us to use a physical device to regain access to our information.

When we are absent from the computer ,we can lock it to prevent anyone else access it. It’s safe enough for us to go for a coffee. Or not? USB Raptor is a tool so you can say farewell to your PC, at least temporarily, without worrying.

USB Raptor blocks your PC

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When you run the program (currently in beta) will configure the pendrive USB we want to ensure that, when removed, the operating system to crash and can not access it to plug it in again. The initial setup is pretty basic, so you should not have problems in this regard. In fact, the only thing that will make the Raptor will put a small key file on the device, together with a password that will be used to lock and unlock the computer. Of course, we must enable protection using the icon we have at our disposal in the system tray.

The program has several advanced options, although the basic settings should be sufficient as to lock and unlock the computer without major requirements. For example, we can set up a “grace period” of about five seconds if we do not want to stress out every time we got up from the chair. We can also configure the program to lock the computer by simply clicking on its icon, without using the USB; also, we can make the sound turns off if we block, which is useful if you are listening to music.

USB Raptor is free , so you can already download it from their official website. USB Raptor is available for Windows. We warn that requires installation of .net framework 4.0 .



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