Volvo creates helmet that warns cyclist of approaching cars

Volvo creates helmet that warns cyclist of approaching cars

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Volvo is to some extent, reference the use of technologies to prevent car accidents. The company’s most recent initiative is being developed in partnership with the Swedish Ericsson and also POC: a helmet that in addition to warn cyclists of approaching cars (especially in blind spots), can alert drivers on the front bicycle traffic.

The helmet has a sensor that sends the location of the cyclist from geolocation systems.The tests were done with the Strava . These data are integrated in a network cloud of Volvo’s own maps in real time, the position of the monitored vehicles.

Thus, if the cyclist approaching an intersection, for example, the system can alert you of an approaching car in the cross street. The warning is given with the drive lights on the helmet, as shown in the video:

Regarding the drivers, alerts are a little more sophisticated. If the system detects the approach of a bicycle on a closed curve or a low visibility situation (caused by rain, fog, low lighting, etc.), for example, a HUD panel (Head Up Display) installed in car designs notice.

In more sophisticated vehicles, as is the case of the latest versions of the Volvo XC90, you can go beyond. If the driver does not outline reaction regarding the alert then how to take the foot off the gas…simply in a timely manner, an automatic braking system can take action.

Clearly, at this stage, the technology is more experimental than practice. For such a system to be effective, needs to be adopted on a large scale – Volvo positions novelty as an afterthought only for their vehicles.

But this aspect does not take away the merit of the initiative, not quite. The idea can be adapted to take another dynamic. The industry can, for example, create a standard for cyclists report their location in real time. This system could then be integrated into apps,maps, GPS devices, car panel and so on.

Volvo aims to demonstrate the system next month at CES 2015. But since we have already noted that technology is only a supplementary protection factor. The responsible conduct (both drivers as bikers) remains by far the best way to prevent accidents.


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