With Notes, Reddit happens to have its own “currency”

With Notes, Reddit happens to have its own “currency”

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Almost three months ago, Reddit raised an experiment which for me is one of the most interesting of this 2014: give 10% of that obtained in its latest round of funding to the community of users. For this, it said, was to create own notes. Already we have here and is called Reddit Notes .

There is still very little data to define it strictly as this (hence you have preferred to put the quotes holder), but the base is quite clear. Reddit divide the $ 5 million that represent the 10% of the funding round in 950.000 Notes, and pay out a Note to 950,000 users through a lottery .

The only requirement to enter that lottery is to have a Reddit account created before September 30, 2014 , although the official blog of the portal say they will also draw on the work of those accounts. Those fortunate enough to win a Note may use to donate to other users, change it to something else or buy goods and services.

Still need to polish “legal and technical aspects”, but the intention is to launch this currency around autumn 2015 . If you are curious to know more of the coin, then stay with us.


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