You can learn anything

You can learn anything

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You can learn anything, nobody is born intelligent, we all start from scratch, we can not speak or walk, much less understand algebra. Add, subtract, read, ride a bike, no one is good at anything at first. There was a time when Einstein could not count to ten, and one in which Shakespeare had to learn the ABC as the rest of us.Luckily we are born to learn, slowly but surely, you fall and get up, fail, you try again and you fall again, until one day walk, one foot before the other, one idea over another, each wrong answer makes your brain a little bit stronger. Failure is just another word to describe the growth, you go ahead, that it is learned.Wherever you are and whoever you are, you just have to know something, you can learn anything .

It’s a nice video of the online learning platform Khan Academy , inviting us all to learn something new today.


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