Your computer hangs on the wall and it boasts

Your computer hangs on the wall and it boasts

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Practically there is a computer box for each user, such is the variety of market. Some are small, large, rectangular or oddly shaped, can already boast of them instead of hiding under the table. Or you can even display your computer into the wall as if it were a box with the latest creation from Lian Li.

A computer as a picture

The new Lian Li O series consists of several boxes of different sizes but with a unique design based on computer components show a tall and thin format. There are several models depending on our motherboard: Mini-ITX PC-O5, the mini-ITX PC-O5S, micro-ATX PC-O6S, and ATX PC-O7S.

All have the same options for mounting the components, including the possibility of putting the hard drives in the saddle with a shield of aluminum, mounted directly on the same motherboard tray, or behind it. The graphics card is not connected directly to the motherboard, but a connector is used to place it parallel to the plate. Models with a “S” at the end are also compatible with water cooling.

lian li chasis

But what definitely makes this original range is the ability to hang on the wall boxes , instead of having them on the table; in fact if we prefer the latter so need to use the aluminum support included because they are so thin that easily fall. However that is exactly what makes them so good to put on the wall, saving space.

Dream casing

However, to presume have to spend to own this, as the cheaper, the mini-ITX PC-O5 costs $ 289, while more expensive, the ATX PC-O7S, costs $ 419. They will be available next February.



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